Company Branding

Branding  is the development of a custom, specialized combination of marketing materials that reflect a consistent and unified company image. Choosing to brand a company will maximize any business’ efforts to become a recognized presence in their particular market. Branded companies benefit from multiple pieces bearing the same “look and feel” by increasing the likelihood the company brand will register in the minds of potential customers, and be remembered when it’s time to choose where they spend their dollars.

Logo Development

Often the first design piece composed for many clients, the logo is the defining visual feature of any business. To begin, the clients’ ideas are gleaned in a casual meeting over coffee, and then a questionnaire called the Creative Brief is completed. Once all of the clients’ ideas are communicated, then design can begin. After the initial logo presentation, the designer and client move through the proofing process, modifying and perfecting the logo.

Print Design

This is the creation of  individual designs for a specific purpose, be it a direct mail campaign, upcoming event or a stand-alone piece for your business such as a business card, brochure or rack card. Items include anything that can be printed, mounted, hung up, mailed or displayed anywhere for your potential customers to view. As print design options are vast, please ask if you require a specific item. Custom designs are not only our expertise, but our pleasure to create.


When it comes time to send designs to print, communicating with print shops and understanding the jargon, different file requirements, stocks, materials, shipping details, deadlines and many other print industry requirements can sometimes be overwhelming. For this reason, Tailfeather offers full service print coordination and delivery of finished materials, which not only saves you time, but potential headaches as well. We have a long list of trusted suppliers who offer any product you may be needing, and we stand behind their work 100%. If you are not satisfied with the results, we’ll communicate with the supplier on your behalf to make things right.

Alternately, if you already have a trusted print supplier that you prefer to use, we’ll prepare the files for production and supply them to you so you can coordinate the printing yourself, if you choose.

Creative Writing

Tailfeather works with local copywriters to deliver top quality content for websites, brochures, advertising and any other promotional pieces. You have the freedom to choose to work directly with the copywriter, or have Tailfeather project manage the communication to streamline the process.

Web Design

We work in conjunction with seasoned local web professionals who deliver exceptional design and functionality. The branded graphics that Tailfeather creates for you are the basis for the web design, and are supplied to the web developers to create functional and attractive websites. Again, the choice is yours to work directly with the web designer, or have Tailfeather project manage the communication to streamline the process.