Why Tailfeather?

At  Tailfeather Graphic Design, our name holds the same meaning and function as it does in nature; we contribute balance, help determine direction and provide lift for your business with beautiful custom designs.


Tailfeather Graphic Design was established in 2009 by Shelly Stanchuk. She operates in the beautiful Comox Valley, BC and brings to the table skill and knowledge developed over 15 years in the industry of Graphic Design and printing.





Tailfeather serves all business types, specializing in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners who understand the value of high quality branding and print materials. By recognizing this, Tailfeather’s clients inevitably reap the benefits of having polished, professionally designed branding, marketing and advertising collateral.



  • Knowledge of offset printing and access to print and production information on  ANY printed product.
  • Coordinates print and production details on your behalf accurately and efficiently to ensure a finished product that meets and often exceeds your expectations.
  • Experience with national Point of Purchase display campaigns
  • Highly effective communicator